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Bruce and Jo
Dr Bruce and Mrs Jo Cattanach (Prof J Peters)

Dr. Bruce Cattanach
B.Sc (Hons) in Agriculture, 1955; Ph.D in Mutagenesis and Mammalian Genetics, 1959; D.Sc in Mutagenesis and Mammalian Genetics, 1972; Elected Fellow of the Royal Society, 1985. Scientist Medical Research Council Mutagenesis Unit, Edinburgh,1959-62 and 1964-66; National Institute of Health Post-doctoral Fellow, Oak Ridge , Tennessee, 1962-64; Senior Scientist City of Hope Medical Center, Duarte, California, 1966-69; Senior Scientist Medical Research Council Radiobiology Unit, Harwell, Oxford, 1969-85; Head of Genetics Division, 1985-97; Director of the newly created Mammalian Genetics Unit 1997-2000. Author of over 250 published papers. Specialist subjects; chemical and radiation mutagenesis in mice, analysis of mutations, control of X-chromosome inactivation, sex determination, genomic imprinting.


Jo Cattanach (Prof J Peters)
B.Sc (Hons) in Biochemistry/Zoology, 1968; Ph.D in Human Genetics, 1972. Elected Prof of Anatomy, University of London, 2000. Post-doctoral Fellow, University of London, 1972-78; Senior Scientist Medical Research Council, Harwell, Oxford, 1978 -. Author of over 140 published papers. Specialist subjects: biochemical genetics, chemical mutagenesis, analysis of mutations, genomic imprinting.

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